(chaparreras [t∫aparéras] < chaparro [see above] plus the Spanish suffix -era 'utensil'; the preferred pronunciation in English is [Jaéps]; this pronunciation was probably influenced by the Spanish spoken along the border, where speakers often pronounce the digraph {ch} as [ J] or {sh})
   Wyoming: 1884 (chaps); DARE: 1887 (chaparajos); Texas: 1892 (chaparreras). Leather leggings worn by cowboys over regular trousers to protect their legs from brush or chaparral. They are generally made from the hides of goat, sheep, calves, bulls, and deer, but they can be made from any type of leather. They also come in many lengths and varieties, ranging from simple and practical ones to highly decorated ones with silver ornaments and animal hair left on the outside. Spanish sources reference chaparreras, but only Cobos references chaparejos (he says the word is a blend of chaparro 'shrub' and aparejo 'gear' and refers to leather leggings or chaps). However, the DARE suggests that chaparejos may be a blend of chaparreras and aparejo. The DRAE defines chaparreras as a type of tanned leather breeches used in Mexico. Santamaría adds that they are a type of pants without a seat consisting of two separate coverings for the legs that are attached to the belt by straps. They are often made of goatskin with the hair left on, and as such are also known as chivarras. They are worn over the pants and serve as a protection against rain and mud. They may also be made of puma or jaguar skin, chamois, or canvas. Islas adds that they are often open along the seams and are fastened to the legs with buckles.
   Alternate forms: chaparajos, chaparejos, chapareras, chapareros, chaparraros, chaparras, chaparreros, chaparro, chaparros, chaperajos, chapparejos, schapps, schaps, shaps.
   bat wing chaps
   Clark: 1930s. A variety of chaps with short, wide leggings. Also known as buzzard wings.

Cowboy Talk. A Dictionary of Spanish Terms. . 2013.


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